Expecting Arpaio GOP Primary Victory, Groups Launch “Bazta Arpaio” Campaign, Call on Dept. of Justice to Prosecute the Sheriff

Phoenix, AZ, August 30, 2016.

With Sheriff Arpaio expected to win the GOP primary for his seventh term in office, groups are announcing a new campaign to remove the Sheriff from office. The Bazta Arpaio campaign will combine protest, community organizing, and get out the vote tactics to mobilize voters as well as non-voters who have had enough of Arpaio’s waste and abuse.  

As they engage more than 100,000 voters and mobilize the power of Arizona’s migrant and undocumented communities, they’re also calling on the Department of Justice to follow Judge Snow’s recommendation and prosecute Arpaio for “multiple acts of misconduct, dishonesty, and bad faith…” and his “intention to violate and manipulate the laws and policies regulating their conduct.”

“There are more people who believe in justice than who believe in Arpaio’s hateful politics in Maricopa County. After 23 years of violent and deadly jails, racial profiling, and wasting over $142 million dollars in the county’s money, it’s past time to put Arpaio’s reign behind us,” explains Maria Rodriguez, a Phoenix-area mother speaking on behalf of the campaign who was previously deported. “Arpaio doesn’t get to attack our families and get away with it any more. People are fed up and ready for a new day in Maricopa County. We’re getting together to finally get America’s worst sheriff out of office.”

Campaign members will be rallying outside the Trump protest tomorrow to show “our culture is stronger than your hate.”

The Bazta Arpaio campaign is an Arizona response by People United for Justice to Arpaio’s abusive and racist policing. “Ya Basta” in Spanish means “Enough!” spelled here with “AZ” for Arizona.

People United for Justice is a 501c4 organization whose mission is police accountability and criminal justice reform.


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