Arpaio’s Commitment to Birth Certificate Investigation is Height of Ridiculous Priorities

Meanwhile the County Continues to Pay for His Time in Court
Bazta Arpaio Campaign Calls on Sheriff to Resign and Dept of Justice to Prosecute

In response to news that Sheriff Arpaio is continuing his investigation into President Obama’s birth certificate despite even Donald Trump stepping away from the issue, Ernesto Lopez from the Bazta Arpaio campaign stated,

“Sheriff Arpaio has always sacrificed the well-being of our county for his own fame.  No one in Maricopa County thinks it’s a priority for the Sheriff’s office to be investigating the President’s birth certificate.  More and more people are seeing through Arpaio’s ridiculous media stunts that keep him in the news and keep us paying the bill.

Sheriff Arpaio should resign from office. The Department of Justice should take up the Judge’s recommendation and finally prosecute him for all that he’s guilty of.  Maricopa County is ready for a new day but it starts with removing Arpaio and repairing the damage he’s done.”

The Bazta Arpaio campaign is mobilizing thousands of voters this Fall to end Arpaio’s rule. It has launched a petition for the Sheriff to resign at

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