Stories From the Ground

Stories From the Ground

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For 23 years, Arpaio has been haunting the people of Maricopa County.  His brutal policing and vicious stance on immigration has inspired and emboldened two generations of hate and fear-mongers across the country.  But for as long as he’s been terrorizing the people, there are many who have always fought back.  This year, the people who Arpaio has spent his career attacking have been mobilizing thousands of voters to end his rule come November.  Here are their stories…


“You’re a sixth grader in Phoenix, AZ, chilling inside on a hot summer day, and your mom asks you to watch your two younger siblings while she heads to Wal-Mart to get some groceries. Your mom heads out, you squabble a bit with your siblings, and next thing you know someone’s knocking on your door. You open the door to find the janitor of your elementary school, sweaty, panting, concerned look on his face. He just ran from Wal-Mart to your house.

“Daphne, I just saw your mom get arrested. She was walking. They stopped her and just put her in the car.”

You know your mom wasn’t driving. You know it for a fact. You’re in sixth grade, you don’t know how the police or the sheriff really work. All you know is that if you don’t have papers, like your mom, men with guns are looking for you. Men with guns want to arrest and deport you, and your mom was just arrested by men with guns because of the color of her skin.

Now your mom’s in jail, and you find out she’s going to be deported. Your father hasn’t been present in your life and now you, just a sixth grader, need to figure out how you and your two 2 younger siblings are going to survive. Your Madrina steps up to take care of you and your siblings. She transfers you to another school and now you’re being bullied. You’ve lost all your previous connections, your life was just turned upside down, and you’ve now lost all the stability you had.”


Daphne’s mom was one of thousands who was racially profiled by Arpaio’s immigration patrols after SB 1070 was passed in 2010.  Sheriff Arpaio caused much harm to Daphne and her family but now, the tables have turned.

After three years of being separated, Daphne is reunited with her mother. She is a senior and a leader in her high school, actively recruiting high school students and others in her community to defeat the man that caused her and her family so much harm.

As soon as Daphne’s school day ends, she heads over to a meeting spot with her crew of fellow students, asks them to download an app, makes sure their phones are charged, and sends them out to different neighborhoods to knock on doors and convince people that usually don’t vote to send in their ballots against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Daphne and her volunteers are, door by door and day by day, securing the votes necessary to kick Sherriff Joe Arpaio and his hatred out of Maricopa County. Daphne and the movement against Sherriff Joe Arpaio need your help. Will you join Daphne and Bazta Arpaio in knocking on doors to kick Sherriff Joe Arpaio out of Maricopa County?

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