The ad that Trump Doesn’t Want You to See

The Bazta Arpaio campaign updated the famous Daisy ad (also remade by the Clinton campaign this week) that LBJ used to show the dangerous consequences of his extremist opponent winning the white house. Except, in the ad produced by Bazta Arpaio, the amateur Latino actors portray a different threat, that of immigration agents coming for a mother and daughter in a park.

“We already know the threat of Donald Trump because Sheriff Arpaio’s racism paved the way for him,” explains Lucy Sandoval of the Bazta Arpaio Campaign. “We made the video because no matter what people think about their options, the stakes are too high to allow Trump and Arpaio to win.”

In Arizona, the 23 year incumbent Sheriff who has said its an honor to be called kkk and refers to his outdoor jail, tent city, as a concentration camp, is down 15 points in the polls. 200,000 young people have turned 18 in the County since the last time he won re-election and this year civic engagement groups registered 150,000 new voters.

The new ad can be seen on facebook here, youtube here or downloaded for broadcast upon request.

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