Boycott Discount Tire

The #BaztaArpaio Campaign is organizing protests outside Discount Tire stores in Maricopa County and is calling for national solidarity actions against Discount Tire everywhere.  

2016-09-26 boycott photoWith the election coming in November, our community is drawing a clear line- we won’t take any more of Arpaio’s anti-immigrant hate, and we refuse to put our money into businesses that fund that hate.

In early August 2016, Discount Count Tire Company stores in Maricopa County, Arizona placed “Re-Elect Sheriff Joe Arpaio” signs in their storefront windows.  
For 23 years, Joe Arpaio has been terrorizing poor people, especially immigrants, indigenous, and Latinx people in Maricopa County.  He is viciously anti-immigrant and has propelled himself to national infamy through the dehumanization and abuse of the people incarcerated in his jails.


Throughout Arpaio’s time as sheriff, Discount Tire’s owner Bruce Halle, the wealthiest person in Arizona, has consistently donated the maximum possible amount to his campaigns and used Discount Tire Stores as a visible platform for support of Arpaio’s racism and hate.