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Maricopa County taxpayers have paid over $142 million for settlements, court costs, and lawyer fees to cover Arpaio’s illegal activities.

That’s equivalent to the average family in Maricopa County working 2,630 years or 33 lifetimes to earn enough to pay for Arpaio’s abuse and misdeeds.

The case where Arpaio was found guilty of racial profiling is costing over $60 million, that’s more than two years worth of the entire Maricopa County education budget for over 700,000 students.

We spend 10x more on Arpaio’s corrupt policing than on educating our students in Maricopa County.


While the County cuts back on school programming, we spend more than half of the budget on Arpaio’s version of “public safety.”

The County can’t afford one more day of Arpaio’s rule.